Monday, 8 October 2012

Easter in October

Look what I found... squeee

Easter eggs recipe

It's not 1950s but it's totally how I imagine my dream housewife idol would eat deviled eggs. So I made them for a starter for tonight's dinner. I only had pink food colouring so we only had pink deviled eggs rather than all the fabulous candy hues in the picture, but they were a great success. S in particular loved them but, apparently, she wants them sparkly next time. Time to hunt down some edible glitter...

Now I don't normally make starters for our evening meal but since I have been so utterly hopeless over the last few days, I thought it was only right that I make an extra effort. Not that deviled eggs really require much effort, colored or not.

However, I should come clean here. When I found this recipe online, it was purely by chance. I was actually looking online at these visions of festive retro perfection.

Photos of your retro holiday decor

Aren't they all just so kitsch-a-licious? Look at those red flock and gold glitter reindeer. And that living room. I want that exact living room when we move and as for her apron, well, it's doing all sorts of funny things to me. I wonder if I can get Mr H to make me a family of wooden snowmen...

I am Mrs H and I am a Christmas-oholic. I live for it's kitsch colourful naffness. I sing Christmas songs year-round and I love the excuse to try and buy the perfect gift for EVERYONE from the children, family, friends to the postman and the dustmen. (They normally get homemade cookies tied with ribbon.) I don't quite know how it happened. My mother and father were always Mr and Mrs Grinch, and it turns out I married a Grinch too. It's not even in my faith and I adore the whole season. 

So there is my dirty little secret all out in the open. I was looking at Christmas decorating ideas and listening to Crooners At Christmas... in the begining of October... I need help. Or candy cane. Mostly candy cane.

Mrs H x

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